Psychologists – What They Do and Offer

A psychologist is a doctor of medicine who conducts research, perform testing, evaluate emotional and psychological well-being of an individual, and help him/her cope up with the challenges. Bipolar disorder is a psychological challenge, and a psychologist’s service includes help for bipolar disorder as well as treating individuals coping with anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Whereas, a psychiatrist works in a clinical environment offering treatments and therapies or with an office setting with neuropsychological services such as evaluation of skills and career development.

Clinical psychologists

Clinical psychology involves diagnosing and treating of mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges to individuals, children, adults and including workers and members of different industries. A licensed psychologist is a specialist in clinical psychology and applies different psychological principles aimed at improving the mental health of individuals, couples, families, and groups. A clinical psychologist also helps in diagnosing bipolar disorder and evaluates people who may need help for bipolar disorder by conducting tests and evaluations. Clinical psychologist may work in a hospital or clinic or involved in a private clinical practice. It is normal to find a psychologist in Bondi Junction practicing as a private clinical psychologist with psychotherapy services. A clinical psychologist can be a counseling psychologist whose clinical practice is mainly focused on healthy individuals and individuals with less significant mental challenges or problems such as working as marriage counselor and providing parenting help. A full-time psychologist on the other hand is focused at helping individuals with psychosis problems or with more serious mental disorders. However, both aim at promoting safety and good understanding of good mental health.

Other than clinical setting

A licensed psychologist is not limited to working in clinical setting. His/her expertise is valuable in other settings such as schools and learning institutions. Psychology specialists help students cope u with the demands of school works and life. It is part of the duty and responsibility to make help for bipolar disorder accessible to any student and in helping parents and guardians understand other mental challenges and disorders such as anxiety and depression. A psychologist also conducts research in discovering new ways and techniques in improving the well-being of individuals especially those suffering with mental or behavioral disorders. Part of the services is evaluating new approaches in schema therapy and other psycho therapies.

If you or anyone you love is experiencing some off days, it is best to seek professional help. Psychologists are the best professionals in halting the problem before it becomes serious and in improving one’s mental health and well-being.

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