How To Choose The Perfect Chocolate Gift For Your Loved One

How To Choose The Perfect Chocolate Gift For Your Loved One

Aside from flowers, chocolates make the perfect gift to your loved one during special occasions or celebrations. Giving chocolate gift boxes have always been a sign of showing love and affection to another person. In this article, we shall take a look at the different ways to find the perfect chocolate to give to your loved ones.


For most people, the source of the contents of chocolate gift boxes is an important consideration. It is common knowledge that chocolate comes from cacao but where the source came from can be difficult to decipher. Most manufacturers invest their money on cacao. However, there are now better options for making the sweetest and tastiest chocolate. For some people, the most flavorful ones can be bought in a specialty store where you can get a sample of how their chocolate is made.



The delicacies found in chocolate gift boxes are a product of manufacturing secrets by the chocolate makers. Manufacturing can have a crucial role in the sweetness of the treats. How the chocolate is manufactured is not always revealed on the label especially by large manufacturers. According to Clay Gordon, moderator and creator of The, the amount of cocoa is not a reliable indicator of the quality of the ingredients.


Another way to determine the perfect chocolate is by conducting a taste test. Just like wine, you may need to taste Artisan chocolates to maximize all of its exquisite properties. Nicole Patel, an Austin-based chocolatier, recommended the following steps in properly tasting chocolate:

  • First, cleanse your palate by drinking warm water. This way, you will truly appreciate the real taste of the chocolate.
  • Unless its truffle coated with cocoa powder or other flavoring, the chocolate should have a glossy shine. A satiny look means that there is a strong bond between cocoa and cacao.
  • Chocolate should be inhaled through the nose in order for your other senses to process the smell. This will help you appreciate the flavor when tasting the chocolate.

To make sure that you taste all the flavors of online chocolates, let it linger and melt in your mouth before swallowing. This way, you will be able to maximize the flavor of the chocolate. Patel recommends taking multiple bites to really appreciate the treat. The first bite is intended to give you a clue of the flavor of the chocolate. She recommends using different ways to taste a chocolate just like what is done with wine and whisky.

Learning the proper way to taste a sweet treat can come in handy if you plan to avail of a chocolate subscription. This way, you will not only get to appreciate the flavor but also the quality of the treat.

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