Top 1 Best Tote Trac Storage Bins

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Tote Trac Storage Bin

1. Tote Trac KD 16090 Tote Trac Storage Bin

Tote Trac KD 16090 First Impressions

"What a great investment."

Big thumbs up to this company for being amazing. As long as I put it away without taking it out a couple of times. I am very happy with this storage bin set. Opened yesterday so I can’t really speak toward longevity. They are sturdy with a some room for flex.

  • Garage Storage Rack System, Ceiling Mounted, White, 1 Set
  • Used to hold common plastic storage bins or totes. Easy to install system that allows you to utilize unused ceiling space for storage
  • Allows for EASY access to ANY tote without having to move anything. Bins slide in and out effortlessly.
  • Each set can hold 2 storage totes up to 50 lbs each and each new set adds 4 more totes. Can be combined with other sets to expand storage capacity
  • Included are 4 removable “J” hooks that can be used to store miscellaneous items like bikes, garden tools, hoses, and toys. Weight should be limited to 25 lbs per hook.
  • Each set includes 2 pieces of Tote Trac, 4 screw plates, 8 stabilizer brackets, 4 "J" hooks, 4 # 1/4" x 3" lag bolts & 4 washers. NOTE: Totes are not included.
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Tote Trac KD 16090
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Tote Trac KD 16090 Final Thoughts

"Fits great."

I am very pleased with the bins. Will be purchasing more in the future for winter coats. Jewelry, vitamins, small clothing such as underwear socks, etc. Got my pantry set up and boxes unloaded in a couple of hours. Easy to install once you find the ceiling studs or joists.

Overall Score

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