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TANKSTORM GGCT01 First Impressions

"A nice solution overall."

I organized her diapers, wipes, and sheets. Super valuable for the price of 2 bags. It was quick and easy to assemble. Read the measurements carefully. Takes up much less space than that the plastic bins.

  • TANKSTORM Deluxe Accessory Kits for Back Panel of TZ12A TZ15A TZ35 TZ37 Tool Cart (GGTCO1)
  • The hook accessory kits fits for the back panel of the tool carts.
  • 2 PCS of Short Single-Leg Hook; 1 PC of Square Ring Hook
  • 3 PCS of Connecting Hook for the Plastic Bin; 1 PC of Magnetic Can Holder
  • 3 PCS of Short Double-Leg Hook; 1 PC of Pits Holder; 2 PCS of Long Double-Leg Hook
  • 2 PCS of Small Plastic Bin Yellow; 1 PCS of Big Plastic Bin Yellow; 1 PC of Magnetic Parts Tray
  • Editor's Impressions Of The TANKSTORM GGCT01
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

TANKSTORM GGCT01 Final Thoughts

"Great sturdy box."

It gives me quick and easy access to all my tools without hunting. They go SO well with color changing lights it's unbelievable. I was so happy with my purchase, I've ordered 2 more. These are great little storage bins. Super valuable for the price of 2 bags.

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