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JJ JUJIN YX-COFE First Impressions

"Check your dimensions."

I was so happy with my purchase, I've ordered 2 more. The only thing that wont go in it of course is the extension pole. The selling point for me was the video with the guy's obvious passion. Paint and finish are very good. Very light weight container that is easy to move around.

  • Jujin 600D Oxford Large Clothes Organizer Storage Bags Bedding Comforters Blankets Clothing Storage Bags Coffee 3PCS
  • Oxford
  • Oxford cloth is soft, breathable, soft, easy to wash and quick-dry. Oxford cloth is unique in that it has a drape and is not easily deformed and collapsed.
  • 3 Sets of fabric storage bag, Perfect for storing seasonal clothing, blankets, linen, bath towels, summer comforters, pillow and bed sheets etc.
  • Clothes Organizer with 2 Strong metal zippers closure, Airtight and Keeps your stuff dust-free, mold-free.
  • COMPLETELY BREATHABLE and 100% ECO-FRIENDLY-The storage bags made with fabric that allows air to circulate inside, ultimately keeping stored items fresh for longer.
  • 1 Package: 3-Sets dimension: M:21.7*13*7.9 inch, L:22.8*15*8.7 inch, XL:23.6*19.7*9.8 inch
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JJ JUJIN YX-COFE Final Thoughts

"Looks nice."

I bought this box to store fabric. A couple of them broke off from being bent. Fit's perfectly where I wanted it and it seems to be well made. There are plenty of hooks for ties and a couple extra for belts. I bought one set and like them so much, I ordered 2 more sets.

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