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1. HeartyHome HeartyHome Storage Bin

HeartyHome First Impressions

"Beautiful basket."

I ordered 3 more sets for my daughter's cleanup campaign. I highly recommend these cute storage crates. I had searched a long time to find these storage containers. They fit perfectly in most dresser drawers or chests. Switch from a portable tool box to a portable bucket.

  • HeartyHome 2 Pack Foldable Large 65L Clothes Storage Organizer Bags with Carry Handles - Breathable, Durable, Dust Resistant, Eco-Friendly for Garment, Blankets, Shelves, Closets, Bedrooms
  • ❤ COTTON POLYESTER FABRIC: Coated with an inner layer of waterproof polyethylene to protect your items and keep them secure against moisture damage.
  • ❤ STYLISH STORING SOLUTION: Double zippers make opening and closing these jumbo cute containers' lids easy for your living room, bedroom, under bed, house and home.
  • ❤ STRONG & STACKABLE: Stack up multiple storage units or put them away by collapsing them when they are not in use. Sturdy reinforced handles allow for easy moving.
  • ❤ KEEP YOUR HOME CLUTTER FREE: Store your toys, shoes, sweaters, seasonal wardrobe, quilts, pillows, bedding and more to save space.
  • ❤ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Stiff wrinkle resistant canvas keeps your items safe from pests and dust while reducing the need for disposable bags.
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HeartyHome Final Thoughts

"We ordered 3."

This is just the product I expected. If I had more space I would order more of these. And normally that would bug me. This is just the product I expected. It could be a bit less in price for what you get.

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