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1. Evibooin Evibooin Storage Bin

Evibooin First Impressions

"It's a good thing."

The second one I bought I put together in minutes. I am very pleased with the bins. I can feel it flexing just from lifting it from the box. Brought this for my wife - she loves it! Fast shipping and excellent product.

  • Evibooin Wall Mounted Space Saver Display Basketball Football Soccer Volleyball Sports' Ball Holder Claw Black
  • Quick and Easy Installation with High Quality PVC
  • Multi-Purpose: Wall mounted ball holder claw is the perfect accessory to organize athletic equipment for boys and girls. Arrange a child’s wall for a cute, practical ball decor or mount it in the garage for easy access. Install in the living room or office to display a special trophy ball or autographed souvenirs.
  • Reduce Floor Clutter: Organize your life with our wall mountable ball holder claw. No more random sports' balls lying on the floor. Quickly and easily eliminate unnecessary clutter and replace it with a stylish ball holder claw on the wall. What a practical decor piece!
  • Double claws allow smooth and simple gripping or removal of different kind of sports ball with just one hand.
  • Updated: You will have a secondary choice of just using the sticky pad to stick the ball holder claw to the wall without any drilling hassle
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Evibooin
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Evibooin Final Thoughts

"But trust me."

It works perfectly with my decór. Very nice rack and easy assembly. This is really easy to assemble and the price was right. The selling point for me was the video with the guy's obvious passion. Very light weight container that is easy to move around.

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