Top 1 Best Dorman Hardware Storage Bins

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Dorman Hardware Storage Bin

1. Dorman Hardware 4-9845 Dorman Hardware Storage Bin

Dorman Hardware 4-9845 First Impressions

"Bought a pot rack too."

This is really easy to assemble and the price was right. Very light weight container that is easy to move around. I rated these a five because Dorman Hardware deserve it. You won’t regret the purchase! Fast shipping and excellent product.

  • Dorman Hardware 4-9845 Peggable Wire Basket Set, 3-Pack
  • Organize your small items on a pegboard
  • Fits 1/4 in and 1/8 in pegboard – Bottom pegs are spacers and not designed to fit in holes
  • 3 pack includes small, medium and large baskets
  • Quality Steel Construction
  • Coated to prevent corrosion
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Dorman Hardware 4-9845
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Dorman Hardware 4-9845 Final Thoughts

"This Dorman Hardware is amazing."

Makes a good edition for more room. Fit's perfectly where I wanted it and it seems to be well made. Very nice rack and easy assembly. Easy to install once you find the ceiling studs or joists. Awesome way to discretely hide your records!

Overall Score

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