Health and Safety Risks at Construction Sites

Health and Safety Risks at Construction Sites

Every type of workplace has a different set of health and safety issues that need to be addressed. With the nature of the job and the kind of equipment employees handle at construction sites, there are absolutely greater issues there, to which employers must handle through asbestos training and other professional guidance.

The Common Health and Safety Issues at Work

There are a number of health and safety issues at construction sites. Some of the most common include working with popcorn ceilings without asbestos training; working at height; working with moving, heavy equipment; working with electricity; and the possibility of a collapse among others.

  • Working with popcorn ceilings. This is probably one of the most serious health risks that working at construction sites may entail. When an old building is reconstructed or demolished altogether to start over, the problem of popcorn ceilings occur or that inclusion of asbestos, a chemical that could seriously harm one’s respiratory health. Proper asbestos training is required for this.
  • Working at height. Construction sites always involve some height. To get people to high work sites, they use scaffolding and other means. Once up there, the issue of slips, trips, and falls become greater, which could lead to accidents. As an effective resolve, employees must be on a safety harness and other means before they get to that part of the job.
  • Working with moving, heavy equipment. Construction sites use a good amount of moving, heavy equipment in order to fasten the turnout of specific tasks. They are man-operated and sometimes that’s where the problem starts. As part of employees contracts, they should have sufficient training to handle such machines, making sure they will not cause harm to themselves, their co-employees, and visitors.
  • Working with electricity. Prepping up the electric line is far more dangerous than doing the same for the plumbing line. Electricians are up for so many risks. That’s why they often require a construction insurance that would cover any untoward incident. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen.
  • Collapse. As you build, there is always the possibility of a collapse, especially if material handling has not been carried out properly. That’s where the supervisors and foremen and other personnel are tasked to track. They must ensure that everything is working well and right.

Owners of construction companies have a huge responsibility to look after the safety and protection of their employees. The rising rate of accident fatality in such trades is often due to irresponsible employers who did not care to provide sufficient training and insurance protection for their laborers.

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