Bali Hotels with Picturesque Views

Bali Hotels with Picturesque Views

Bali is a wondrous paradise. It offers endless sightseeing attractions, which can be availed for free if you are wise at choosing which hotels to stay in Bali. There are those accommodation facilities that are simply gifted with astounding views. They vary from lush greens, rice paddies, beautiful temples, and of course, pristine beaches. It is up to you, therefore, to define what kind of spectacular view you want to treat yourself to before you scout for your accommodation.

Karma Kandara

There are many amazing villas that you can choose from when in Bali and this one is surely one for the books. Its five-star status is not the only great thing that should direct your path towards this mini paradise located in Ungasan when looking for fantastic hotels to stay in Bali. There are also the scenic ocean views that are accessible through the world-class rooms and of course, the cosy comfort of contemporary interiors. You will love coming in and out of your Karma Kandara villa because there are countless activities you may indulge into.


If being on the edge of a hillside clip is your kind of trip, Amankila in Lombok is a decent choice. Its views of Lombok Strait as well as the luscious greens of the jungles would surely make you go wow. No wonder, it has been voted as one of the best hotels to stay in Bali. Who could complain when Amankila gives you not just stunning views but amazing experiences as well, ranging from cruises to jungle expeditions and others.

Bali Surf Villa

Surfing is one of the top activities that you must indulge in when in Bali. It would be even more enjoyable if you choose to stay at the Bali Surf Villa, which would not only keep you a stone throw away from ride-worthy swells but is also one of the finest accommodations in Bali. You can choose to either ride the waves or watch the panoramic view as others do and feel relaxed both times.

When in Bali, endless hotel choices could be overwhelming at times. But, it would be easy enough choosing what’s best if you know exactly what you want. If you are after the low price, scout the most affordable hotels in Bali.

If you are after the experience, you must define what kind of experience you want to come home with. This heavenly destination can give you much, whether you are out to simply relax or enjoy the various activities available. That’s how you scout for the best Seminyak beach hotels to invest your travel money into.

An exciting way to maximize your travel to Bali is staying to an accommodation with guaranteed breathtaking views. Check out

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